X-IT Lite

Models 10.1000 / 10.1100

  • Perfect for Rapid Intervention Teams. Enables fire fighters to locate the exit of a structure during a fire and signal mandatory evacuation.
  • Model 10.1000 incorporates a visual LED Beacon and an Audible Siren Alarm - both operated by housing-mounted waterproof switches.
  • Model 10.1100 is equipped with a switch-operated LED Beacon only.
  • Flashing 360° LED beacon marks building, floor or room exits.
  • Built-in wail siren (Model 10.1000 only) functions independently of beacon and can be used to signal evacuation.
  • Convenient handles accommodate safety gloves and act as light guards.
  • Powered by a rechargeable 12 volt, 4.5A / hour, sealed, lead-acid battery system.
  • Operates continuously for 8 hours on one charge. (Tip: When not in use, leave the X-IT Lite on the charger so it will always be ready.)
  • Beacon features 6 Luminator (3 Watt) LEDs and a built-in quad flasher.
  • Amber models meet SAE J845 Class 2 standards.
  • 3" fresnel lens comes in choice of amber, blue, clear, green or red.
  • Waterproof push button switch(es).
  • Includes your choice of AC plug-in charger, DC plug-in charger or DC hardwire charger.
Suggested Retail Price
Suggested retail price
10.1000 X-IT Lite with Siren $ 365.36
10.1100 X-IT Lite without Siren $ 365.36

X-IT Lite
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Voltage: 12 volt
Dimensions: 7-7/8" H x 7-1/2" W x 7-3/8" D
Weight: 7 lbs 14 oz
Parts and Accessories
Suggested Retail Price
10.2701 110V AC Wall Mount Charger $  18.58
10.2702 DC Plug-In Wall Mount Charger $  18.58
10.2703 DC Hardwire Wall Mount Charger $  18.58
10.1000 Instructions View PDF
10.1100 Instructions View PDF

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