12V Portable
Short LED Arrow Boards

Models 02.6316WP / 02.6334WP / 02.6352WP

  • Bring the warning power of an LED arrow board with you wherever you go.
  • An internal waterproof flasher eliminates the need for a separate control box. Just plug the arrow board cable into a 12V outlet, set your pattern and go!
  • Keep workers and motorists safe with four operational modes (60 FPM): right arrow, left arrow, double arrow and center bar.
  • Pattern selection is controlled by two center-off toggle switches located on the arrow board housing.
  • Eight PAR 36 LED lamps are available in three intensities: Standard PAR 36 LED, Mega-Bright PAR 36 LED and Ultra-Bright PAR 36 LED.
  • All Short Arrow Boards measure 13" H x 3" D x 40-1/2" L and are constructed of sturdy, heavy-gauge, epoxy-coated aluminum.
  • A durable ABS plastic dust cover is included to protect wiring from weather and dust.
  • All models come with a heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant, 20' power cable with adapter plug.
  • Mounting brackets are sold separately.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Model Amps Bulb
02.6316WP 1.6 Max 16 LEDs
02.6334WP 2.4 Max 34 LEDs
02.6352WP 5.2 Max 52 LEDs
Suggested Retail Price
Suggested retail price
02.6316WP Short - Standard LEDs $1,000.02
02.6334WP Short - Mega-Bright LEDs $1,106.96
02.6352WP Short - Ultra-Bright LEDs $1,470.76

Portable Short LED Arrow Board

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Flash Patterns
 1. Right Arrow
 2. Left Arrow
 3. Double Arrow
 4. Center Bar
Parts and Accessories
Suggested Retail Price
02.6016 Magnetic Mounting Bracket (pair) $ 143.54
02.6018 Tailgate Mounting Bracket (pair) $ 103.24
02.8516 Standard PAR 36 LED Light $   61.98
02.8534 Mega-Bright PAR 36 LED Light $   81.72
02.8552 Ultra-Bright PAR 36 LED Light $ 118.40
02.6316WP Short - Standard LEDs View
02.6334WP Short - Mega-Bright LEDs View
02.6352WP Short - Ultra-Bright LEDs View

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