Model Description Features  
03.W125 Headlight Flasher Alternating · Daytime Running Light Compatible · High Beam Override more
03.W126 Headlight Flasher Alternating · Use with existing low current switch more
03.W129 Headlight Flasher Alternating · Choice of 80 or 220 FPM per side · High Beam Override more
03.W132 Grille or Deck Light Flasher Alternating · 90 FPM more
03.W200 Multi Light Flasher Alternating · 60 Amp · Not for use with headlights · 90 FPM more
03.W262 Headlight & Grille Light Flasher Alternating · High Beam Override · 90 FPM per side more
03.W3010 Sequential Flasher Controls up to 8 auxiliary light heads - Not for use with headlights more
03.W3031 Headlight Flasher Random Flash · Ground Switching · 6 Patterns · High Beam Override more
03.W3041 Headlight Flasher Alternating · Ground Switching · 90 FPM per side more
03.W3125 Headlight Flasher Random Flash · Daytime Running Light Compatible · 6 Patterns more
03.W3126 Headlight Flasher Random Flash · Use with existing low current switch · 6 Patterns more
03.W3262 Headlight / Grille Light Flasher Random Flash - High Beam Override - 6 Patterns more
03.W3500 Auxiliary Light Flasher Controls up to 5 auxiliary light heads - Random Flash - 6 Patterns more
03.1500 Ambulance Flasher Three consecutively rated outputs · Two standard operating modes more

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