LED Flashers with
Strobe-Style Patterns

Models 11.1005SF / 11.1005SF.HD / 11.1005TSF

  • These reliable, solid-state, two-output LED flashers have seven strobe-style flash patterns that grab the attention of both motorists and passersby.
  • Epoxy-sealed electronics provide reliable operation and protection against moisture, vibration and shock. Excellent for applications requiring exterior mounting.
  • Model 11.1005SF.HD has two outputs with heavy-duty amperage making it ideal for multi-light systems.
  • Model 11.1005TSF uses terminals instead of wires to simplify wiring connections.
  • Standard 12V; also available in 24V upon request.
  • Surface mounts with screws (provided).
  • Heavy-duty model measures 3-3/4" H x 7/8" D x 3-5/8" L. Other models measure 2" H x 1/2" D x 4" L.
  • For use with LED lights only.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
O/P = Output
Model O/P Amps per O/P Total Amps
11.1005SF 2 3A Max each 6A Max
11.1005SF.HD 2 6A Max each 12A Max
11.1005TSF 2 3A Max each 6A Max
Suggested Retail Price
Suggested retail price
11.1005SF LED Flasher - Strobe Flash $   44.26
11.1005SF.HD LED Flasher - Heavy-Duty $ 112.02
11.1005TSF LED Flasher - Terminals $   44.26
11.1005SF LED Flasher - Strobe Flash View PDF
11.1005SF.HD LED Flasher - Heavy-Duty View PDF
11.1005TSF LED Flasher - Terminals View PDF

LED Flashers with strobe-style patterns

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Flash Patterns
1. Random
2. Double Alternating
3. Quad Alternating
4. Quint Alternating
5. MEGA Alternating
6. Double Simultaneous
7. Quad Simultaneous

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