Zoom Lite Adjustable-Beam
Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Model 09.3550.LED

  • This compact, adjustable-beam, rechargeable LED flashlight is indispensable for home use, camping, travel and outdoor activities.
  • With a simple push or pull of the lighthead, the beam zooms from a narrow spotlight to a wide floodlight.
  • A tailcap switch makes the Zoom Lite easy to operate using just one hand. Firmly press the switch to turn the light on or off. Partially press the switch to cycle through Super Bright, Medium Bright and Soft Bright settings plus Strobe or SOS flash modes.
  • The CREE® LED projects 1,000 lumens of clear, white light at the Super Bright setting. Medium Bright projects 50% of maximum output. Soft Bright projects 20% of maximum output.
  • Each Zoom Lite comes with two 18650 3.7V lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Short-circuit protection and overcharge protection help conserve the 3000mAh battery life. Batteries are engineered to shut off before they completely discharge.
  • The batteries will function for approximately 1+ hours at the Super Bright level, approximately 3+ hours at Medium Bright and approximately 7+ hours at the Soft Bright setting.
  • The two-slot AC plug-in charger has two LED indicator lights that signal charging status. Red lights indicate that the charger is in contact with the batteries and is actively charging them. Green lights indicate that the batteries are fully charged.
  • Solidly constructed of high-quality aluminum alloy, the flashlight housing is contoured to provide a secure grip. "O" rings at each assembly point protect the electronic components in wet conditions.
  • Securely attach your Zoom Lite to pockets or belts with the built-in metal clip for convenient access or use the handy wrist strap for carrying or hanging.
  • An optional adjustable bicycle bracket attaches to handlebars or bike frames to hold the Zoom Lite in place. Once snapped into the bracket, the Zoom Lite can pivot from side to side for optimal positioning. (Fits 7/8" to 1-1/4" diameter mounting surfaces.)
  • Maximum Dimensions - 1-1/2" Diameter x 8-1/2" L.
    Minimum Dimensions - 1-1/2" Diameter x 7-3/4" L.
    Weighs 8.4 ounces with batteries.
  • Each Zoom Lite comes complete with two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and AC charger.
  • One year warranty.
Model Beam Lumens Run Time
09.3550.LED Adjustable 1,000 Up to 7 hours

Zoom Lite Adjustable-Beam LED Flashlight

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Suggested Retail Price
Suggested retail price
09.3550.LED Zoom Lite LED Flashlight $      38.42
Parts and Accessories
Suggested Retail Price
09.3540 Zoom Lite Bicycle Bracket $   5.00
09.3541 Zoom Lite Battery Box (only) $   3.50
09.3542 Lithium-Ion Batteries (pair) w/ Box $ 25.00
09.SM-202A Zoom Lite AC Battery Charger $ 11.00
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