Outlet Boxes

Chrome Accessory Outlet Parts

14.0570 / 14.0571

Chrome Knob Cigarette Lighter


Model Description Features  
14.0370 Single Outlet and Switch 1 Rocker Switch and 1 Accessory Outlet in an Attractive Panel more
14.0373 Double Outlet and Switch 2 Rocker Switches and 2 Accessory Outlets in an Attractive Panel more
14.0553 Triple Outlet Box Three Accessory Outlets in One Compact Box more
14.0570 Chrome Accessory Outlet Single Outlet / 15 Amps / Ready to install in auto, boat, camper or motorcycle.  
14.0571 Chrome Mounting Bracket  For use with single accessory outlet.  
14.0572 Cigarette Lighter Cigarette Lighter with Chrome Knob  

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