8-Function Undercover Siren
with Mini Controller

Model 31.2515

  • Operate eight siren sounds with one compact Mini Controller measuring approximately the length and height of a credit card.
  • Grab motorists' attention with eight digitally-enhanced tones including: Wail, Yelp, Air Horn, Phaser, Hi-Lo, Warble, Whoop, and Manual / Intersection Mode.
  • The compact Mini Controller measures just 1-7/8" H x 1/2" D x 3-1/8" L, enabling it to mount in tight spaces or fit comfortably within the palm of your hand. It connects easily to the Undercover Siren Amplifier with a plug-in attachment.
  • Daylight viewable LED lights illuminate each tactile switch and highlight the selected siren sound.
  • ON-OFF switches control digitally-enhanced Wail, Yelp, Warble, Whoop and Hi-Lo sounds.
  • Momentary switches control the unique Intersection Mode (represented by the Manual switch) as well as the Air Horn and Phaser sounds. Intersection Mode effectively clears traffic by automatically cycling the Yelp, Phaser and Air Horn sounds.
  • The Undercover Siren Amplifier powers one 100W RMS speaker with an 11 ohm impedance. (Speaker sold separately.) Measuring only 2-3/8" H x 5-3/8" D x 4-3/8" L, the amplifier is small enough to mount under the vehicle dash or seats.
  • Solid-state electrical components provide years of reliable performance.
  • Engineered to withstand reverse polarity and high-voltage spikes.
  • Kit includes (1) siren amplifier, (1) mini controller and all necessary wiring.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Voltage: 12 volt
Watts: 100 watts
Amperage: 10A Average / 15A Max
Suggested Retail Price
Suggested retail price
31.2515 8-Function Siren w/ Mini Controller $  420.50

Eight-Function Undercover Siren with Mini Controller

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Parts and Accessories
Suggested Retail Price
11.6051 Double-Stick Tape (per ft.) $     4.16
30.0107 Foot Switch $    45.88
31.2001 Replacement Siren Amplifier $  353.10
31.2508 Replacement Mini Controller $    67.36
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