Dome Lights

Models 11.6112 / 11.6116 / 11.6124

  • Surface-mount dome lights illuminate dark interiors and provide safe conditions within utility, horse or van trailers.
  • Available with white LEDs only or with a combination of red and white LEDs.
  • Easy to operate with a housing-mounted, push-button ON / OFF switch. Red-white LED models have two switches to permit independent control of each LED color.
  • Individual light measures 1-3/8" high x 6" in diameter.
  • Constructed with a durable aluminum base, white acrylic lens and installation wire.
  • 12 Volt / 5 year warranty
Model Amps Bulb Type
11.6112.R00 0.10A 12 red LEDs
11.6112.W00 0.10A 12 white LEDs
11.6116.RW0 0.65A 40 white and 12 red LEDs
11.6116.W00 0.50A 40 white LEDs
11.6124.RW0 0.15A 12 white and 12 red LEDs
Suggested Retail Price
Suggested retail price
11.6112.R00 LED Dome Light - 12R $   48.74
11.6112.W00 LED Dome Light - 12WH $   48.74
11.6116.RW0 LED Dome Lt - 12R / 40WH $ 118.56
11.6116.W00 LED Dome Light - 40WH $ 112.94
11.6124.RW0 LED Dome Lt - 12R / 12WH $   61.56

Dome Lights

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