Headlight Flasher

Model 03.W140

  • Bi-directional headlight flasher for positive- or ground-switched vehicles.
  • Choose one of four flash patterns when installing: Random, 90 FPM Alternating, 90 FPM Simultaneous, or Double Alternating-Simultaneous.
  • LEDs indicate flash pattern.
  • High Beam Override works with the vehicle's high/low beam switch to prevent high beams from flashing.
  • Optional nighttime cut-off.
  • Black ABS plastic housing.
  • Waterproof.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Voltage: 12 volt
Amperage: 4 amps per side
Dimensions: 1-1/2" H x 3" W x 4" L
Suggested Retail Price
Suggested retail price
03.W140 Bi-Directional Headlight Flasher $ 118.86

Bi-Directional Headlight Flasher

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